Company Services by Division

Division One : Design

Let our professional team help with your office design ideas, we can create technical drawings, update existing office
layouts and provide a complete evaluation, assessment and design for your new office.

  1. Visit commercial real estate to measure and provided a preliminary cad drawing to help our customer decide which
    property best fits their needs.
  2. Provide accurate field measurements of existing space, place on CAD system, provide various preliminary designs
    for the customer to review and modify.
  3. Once a design is agreed upon a full set of construction plans will be drawn to scale, reviewed and signed by the

Division Two : General Contracting / Construction Management

From planning to completion, our team of experienced project managers can take care of every facet of your construction
project. We can handle site investigation, appointment of contractors, health, safety and building regulations as well as
all other aspects of construction project management.

  1. Submit all plans and acquire all necessary permits
  2. Hire and manage all Sub-contractors for project (can offer competitive bids from different sub-contractors to make
    sure that the customer gets the best price possible).
  3. At end of construction phase we put together a package for the customer that includes a ‘As-Built’ set of plans,
    contracts, copies of all permits, scope of works, certificate of occupancy, warranty information, list of all contact
    numbers for all contractors that performed work, signed mechanics liens, etc.

Division Three : Modular Furniture (Cubicles)

We have designed office layouts and done modular furniture design/build from New York to Florida. Office layout is
critical for proper work flow and good employee performance. Let us help you design your new office for best results.

  1. Design /layout
  2. We have a supplier/vendor in Atlanta, GA with new furniture, refurbished, and used (as-is).
  3. Disassemble / Assemble cubes in existing or new locations

Other Services

General CAD Work

We use Autocad and Autodesk software products exclusively in our business for the professional results
you expect and deserve. Save time and money utilizing our drafting services. We specialize in preliminary and conceptual
site layouts.

  1. Schematics
  2. Tool & Die
  3. As-Built Drawings
  4. Hand Drawings placed on electronic format